1. railpony:

    It’s coming along quite nicely.

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    A Little Something For Ya.

  3. railpony:

    Just to show that I didn’t forget. I’ll add shade later, I’ve just had no time lately.And I know It’s not exactly what you asked for but I’m working on it.


    Looking good so far

  4. Have Some Maud Pie

  5. Crystal Song

  6. 'And they skittered just out of torch light, gnawing and clawing at the rocks all around us. We had no idea how many of them there were, but we prepared for the worst. The ancient tales of those that lurk in the tunnels depths haunted our ancestors, I can only pray that we will wake to make it home.'

                                                            -Last Entry Of Found Dwarven Miners Journal

  7. The Only Video I’ve ever Uploaded to Youtube.

  8. askroninapplejack:

    Yay, Fan Art!

    Thank you so much!!!

    This looks awesome, and I’m so happy you considering me. :)


  9. dennybutt:



    I mean yes there are some amazing artists out there. But sometimes EQD posts some low quality art. Now if the artist is new then hey I can’t really say shit about them. We all start new. But sometimes there’s just random low quality art or stuff that is clearly saucy and not hidden. It just feels lazy. Especially considering sometimes in Drawfriends there’s repeats of certain artwork in the list.

    - Submitted by 

    Oh god yes, as an artist and friends of artists who get ignored by the EQD overlords I can atest that this is right in many levels. So much mediocre art gets published while so much actually good art gets ignored it’s kinda sad…

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s AWESOME that those little artists get their moment to shine! Buuuuut if you’re going to have rules, uphold them.

    For once, “NO OCs” ok this is bullshit, there’s OCs all the time, so what determines the exception for this, how pretty they are? Well it might make people believe that their extremely thought and worked OC isn’t good enough due to your lack of enforcement of your own rules. No OCs? That’s cool with me, but NO OCs MEANS NO OCs goddamnit.

    And then we have the whole “it’s in the queue” bs they give you if you submit anything. And then it never gets published and you are there left wondering what was wrong with your piece when you see some lazy ass stuff being published like hotcakes.

    Again, nothing wrong with publishing mediocre art, people enjoy a lot of things, and it gives a boost to the artist. But don’t ignore people who actually submit their own things just because you can’t fit them, or you think it ain’t good enough.

    It’s bullshit.

    ^ exactly my thoughts too.

    Another little pet peeve of mine about EQD, although it’s more to do with the commenters, is that when my art gets featured in a drawfriend, these people in the comments LIST every single artwork but SKIP mine.

    why tho.

    I’m also kinda pissed off they didn’t feature our Alicorn Mafia table in the BUCK post but oh well.

    With That I Do Wonder. I Get On To The Drawfriend A Lot, I Submit Nothing But Still Manage To End Up There, And I’m not the Best Artist. But Am I The Mediocre Art That Get Featured While Much Better Artists Never Make Their Way There?

    I’m Not A Bad Artist But It Really Makes Me Wonder.

  10. inqusitivecolt:

    Huzza! ART!

    It is art, sorry this took so long SPL.  Sorry to all my followers too, I got really busy at work at the beginning of June.  I was pulling like 6-7 days a week 8-12 hours a day….so I kinda didn’t have the time or energy to draw for a while.  Things are beginning to slow down a little, no more 12 hour days…but still about 6 days week.  I’m going to try and get this back and going again, but I have to get back in to the habit of drawing daily again.  I have a couple things in the back of my mind I’m planning on doing soon so look forward to it.  I will continue the whole prom story arc, just gotta get the layout right…the panels aren’t coming out the way I want them too….again I’m really sorry.

    Anyways, sorry for the small OOC note in the blog here but I do plan on working on this again, just gotta get something drawn.  If you have sent IC questions don’t fret if they aren’t answered some of the questions are related to bigger plot points later on and will probably be answered at that time, so I’m basically saving them.

    Again really sorry for not updating in so long, but I’m gunna try to update in the next couple days, maybe not the story arc, but some single panels or really short ones.


    P.S. thanks for sticking with me during this down time those who are still here, and welcome to all the new followers too! =^_^= happy kitty is happy!

    glad you liked it. And Good to hear things are calming down for you.