1. I am the night.

  2. kahryez:

    Gave Prime That RP Look.

    Thanks SPL ^^

  3. Scootaloo

  4. servingspoon69:

    Silver Riche: more wonderful fan art by SPL <3

  5. kahryez:

    Did You Some Art

  6. lunabotic:



  7. Papi’s 2000 follower milestone prep


    Do you want a trip to Canterlot?  Do you mind appearing alongside changelings, for better or worse?  Do you have a reference?

    The next update, when it comes out, is to feature interactions between ponies and the members of Papi’s hive, and I need volunteers.  Reblog this post with a reference, or submit one for a chance to appear in Papi’s 2000 follower milestone story post.


  8. railpony:

    It’s coming along quite nicely.

  9. railpony:

    A Little Something For Ya.

  10. Have Some Maud Pie